Tereza Cristina Melo de Brito Carvalho


 Tereza Cristina M. B. Carvalho was born in Salto Grande - S.P., Brazil (1958). She got her degree in Electrical Engineering (1980), Master of Science in Electronic Engineering (1988) from Escola Politécnica University of São Paulo and her Ph.D. in Electronic Engineering (1996) from Escola Politécnica University of São Paulo. She concluded her Sloan Fellows Program (2002), as post doctoral work, in MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA. She is an Assistant Professor at the Computer Engineering Department. Her main research areas are: Computer Networks, Network Management, Security and On-Line Business. During the last years she received the following awards: (1991) Siemens Award for Good Performance, Computer Networks Projects, Nürnberg, Germany; (2000) First Cisco Academy in Brazil - Cisco Networks, Brazil; (2001) Décio Leal de Zagotis Award from Escola Politécnica University of São Paulo; InfoExame Personality in Technology (2005), ABACO - Executive in IT (2006). Tereza Cristina is presently director of CCE-USP (Electronic Computing Center of the University of São Paulo) and technical director of LARC (Laboratory of Computer Architecture and Networks) being responsible for the research and development of systems in information, network communication - convergent and wireless network, management, security and on-line business. She has more than 90 scientific and technology papers in peer reviewed journals and international conference proceedings. Her current research interests include IT governance, optical network architecture, wireless networks, security, management, financial engineering applied to network quality of service and virtual laboratories applied to networking education.


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