The KHAZAD Block Cipher

The Bridge of Khazad-dm. Painting by Paul Monteagle
The Bridge of Khazad-dûm. Painting by Paul Monteagle.


Table 1: Differences between SHARK and KHAZAD

Number of rounds
Key schedule affine mapping derived from
the cipher itself in CFB mode
Feistel key evolution
using the cipher round function itself
GF(28) reduction polynomial x8 + x7 + x6 + x5 + x4 + x2 + 1 (0x1F5) x8 + x4 + x3 + x2 + 1 (0x11D)
Origin of the S-box mapping u -> u-1 over GF(28),
plus affine transform
recursive structure
Origin of the diffusion matrix Reed-Solomon code Involutional MDS code
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