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Bruno Trevizan de Oliveira

PhD student - USP
Computer Engineering and Digital Systems Department
Escola Politécnica - University of São Paulo

In Brief

I am currently a Doctoral degree candidate in Escola Politécnica of University of São Paulo. My research interests include applied cryptography and security in wireless networks, and my advisor is Assistant Professor, PhD. Cíntia Borges Margi.

I received the Bachelor's degree in Information Systems (2009) from Escola de Artes Ciências e Humanidades of the University of São Paulo, Brazil, and Master's degree in Science (2012) from Escola Politécnica. More information can be found in my resume at the Lattes Platform.

Research Interests

My research interests include (but are not limited) the following topics:

I am part of LARC (Laboratory of Computer Networks and Architecture).


The list of my publications can be found in Lattes Plataform Lattes Platform or in my profile at Google Scholar .
Last update: May 20th, 2013.