Cintia Borges Margi
Associate Professor, PhD
Department of Computer Engineering and Digital Systems
Escola Politecnica da Universidade de Sao Paulo

Short Bio
I am Associate Professor at the department of Computer and Digital Systems Engineering (PCS) at Escola Politécnica - Universidade de São Paulo (EPUSP) since September/2015, where I was Assistant Professor (with tenure) since June/2010. I was Assistant Professor at the Escola de Artes, Ciências e Humanidades da Universidade de São Paulo from February 2007 until June 2010.
I graduated with a Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering with emphasis in Computer and Digital Systems from USP - Brazil (University of Sao Paulo) in December/1997. Then, in March/1998, I started my Master's studies in Computer Networks at USP. My advisor was Professor Graça Bressan, and my thesis was "A Secure Video Distribution Mechanism". I earned my M.Sc. degree in December/2000.
Along with my Master studies, I have worked at LARC - USP (Laboratory of Computer Architecture and Networks) as Engineer, Research Assistant and Teaching Assistant. The projects I worked on included: network security, network management, distance / online learning, and Voice over IP. I also was TA in Networks Lab, besides teaching the Cisco Network Academy Program at LARC-USP.
I finished my Ph.D. in the Computer Engineering department at UC Santa Cruz in June/2006, and I started the program in Fall/2001. My work was on "Energy Consumption Trade-offs in Power Constrained Networks", and my advisor is Professor Katia Obraczka. I received a four-year fellowship from CNPq - Brazil to support my studies at UCSC, and from September 2005 until June 2006, I worked as a GSR.

Lattes CV, where projects and publications are listed.

My research interests include Computer Networks and Architecture, specifically: wireless sensor networks (protocols, systems, security, energy consumption and management, embedded hardware) and software-defined networking.

I am part of LARC/EPUSP (Laboratory of Computer Networks and Architecture).

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