Graduation Courses

The disciplines below are offered by LARC inside the strictu-sensu graduation program in the Digital Systems area. Information about the admission process can be found here.

PCS XXXX - YYYY (Portuguese Syllabus)

  • PCS5003 - Performance Evaluation: Modelling and Simulation
  • PCS5009 - Computational Arithmetics: Application in High Performance Encryption 
  • PCS5011 - Wireless Sensor Networks
  • PCS5014 - Topics on Post-Quantum Cryptography
  • PCS5017 - Programming Infrastructure and Metadata for Digital Television
  • PCS5020 - Wireless Networks and Mobility
  • PCS5022 - Topics on Elliptic Curve- and Pairing-based Encryption applied to Information Security
  • PCS5710 - Technology for Advanced Network Applications
  • PCS5712 - Pervasive Computing
  • PCS5714 - Quantum Engineering Applications for Information Security 
  • PCS5716 - Information Security: Policies, Systems and Defenses
  • PCS5732 - Distributed Applications in Computer Networking
  • PCS5734 - Information Security: Algorithms and Protocols
  • PCS5742 - Network Management
  • PCS5757 - Virtual Interactive Technologies for Education