Corporate Projects


Security Systems Development

Sponsor: SCOPUS Technology S.A.-Bradescoi Bank

Single Authentication System

Sponsor: Itaú Bank


In order to guarantee that payments made to Detran-SP (Traffic Departament) were not counterfeited, LARC has specified and proposed a protocol for Digital Authentication that could be viable to be implemented through the systems already available in Brazilian banks equipment, using 40-columns printers and not requiring many characters to be represented (which could require significant typing time to validate). The payments relevant data are digitally signed, making harder the counterfeiting of payment receipts. The system has been in use since March 2000, allowing an effective increase in the State tax collecting.

The mechanism adds two lines to payment receipts for the digital signature. All transaction in Detran-SP that includes manual intervention for payment confirmation should include the digital signature, which is verified for authenticity in order to conclude the transaction. All verification is possible using only the information printed on payment receipt itself.

Sponsorship: Public Security Secretary

Platform for secure Computation

Sponsor: Ericsson Brasil, Ericsson Research Sweden, Ericsson Research Canada


Administration and Management of Correios Corporate Network - CorreiosNet, this project main goal is the creation of a standard for the administration management and services offered in the new computational environment (networks, services and systems) in deployment at ECT (Brazilian Postal Servie.

The creation of standards for the various procedures, in all levels of acting, constitutes a basic action for guaranteeing quality of the services offered to its users. For that purpose it was created the Model for Administration and Management of Correios Corporate Network - CorreiosNet, formalizing the adoption of management procedures, both technical and administrative, that guarantee the access and use of facilities and benefits offered by the CorreiosNet to its different users.

Partnership: Correios-ECT

Projeto de desenvolvimento de um sistema automático de distribuição de chamadas para plataforma Microsoft Windows. O desenvolvimento inclui a implementação do modulo Servidor e do modulo Cliente, onde o ultimo deve apresentar interface gráfica que permita que o usuário visualize as chamadas entrantes e possa classificá-las.

Sponsor: NEC Corporation - Japan

Multiple Personal Security Domains

Sponsor: Ericsson Research.

Overlay Networking Test Bed

Sponsor: Ericsson Research